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Math Majors

MMSS students who fulfill all of the requirements for the joint major, including taking MATH 285-1, MATH 285-2, MATH 285-3, MATH 385-0, MATH 386-1, and MATH 386-2, are eligible to receive a major in mathematics in addition to their joint major in MMSS and a social science if they also take MATH 320-1,2,3 or MATH 321-1,2,3 and three additional one quarter courses chosen from the following list:

Students may not count corresponding quarters of both 310 and 311 toward this requirement. Likewise, students may not count corresponding quarters of both 330 and 331 toward this requirement. It is recommended that students planning on graduate work in mathematics take MATH 330 or MATH 331.

NOTE: To receive a major in math under the requirements listed in this section, the major in math must be IN ADDITION to the joint major in MMSS and a social science. That is, the major in math would be a THIRD major. Students wishing to receive a joint major ONLY in MMSS and math must fulfill the normal requirements for a math major. Math 285-1,2,3 fulfills the basic course requirement. Courses at the 300 level, including the MMSS math courses 385 and 386-1,2 may not be double counted for both MMSS and math. 

MMSS students who are permitted to take MATH 320-1, 2, 3 or 321-1,2,3 without taking MATH 300 must substitute another 300-level mathematics course for MATH 300-0. Students may choose any 300 level math course to meet this requirement (i.e, it does not have to be chosen from the above list.) Back to top