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"When I started out as an analyst, the MMSS program helped me greatly.  My responsibilities as an analyst were to use Excel to model financial statements and to use regression analysis to determine how companies can grow their business if they release different products in the marketplace, and the MMSS program set me up to handle those tasks very, very well.  I knew exactly which regression models to use and I knew how the statistics and the math behind all of our processes worked.  So it definitely gave me an advantage starting out."

- Shyaam Ramkumar '07

"The MMSS program has become such an asset to my experience at Northwestern. I have enjoyed the small class size and the unity that permeates the 30-40 people in my class. This structure has helped develop important teamwork skills and build lasting friendships. Now, as I apply for internships, I begin to understand more of the value of the program. Many companies recognize MMSS on a resume and recruit these students specifically because they have a higher level of mathematical skills, a quality that the Economics program does not stress, but is highly valued by employers. It is an excellent program and is one of the reasons that I chose Northwestern over other colleges."

- Rachel Friedstat '03

"While most of my classmates have enjoyed the benefits that MMSS has provided them on the job market, I personally think that is even more useful for people like me who want to pursue graduate work in the social sciences. I can't think of another undergraduate program in the country to better prepare students for graduate school. You get to take classes with some of the top research faculty in many different fields, and receive an excellent mathematical background in which to do empirical work. It was MMSS that made me come to Northwestern, and I am very happy with my decision."

- Marc Meredith '02


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